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I find it to be difficult to know who you are without understanding where you came from, some historical events are not as attractive as others but they are meaningful, justified, vital and inspirational. I love my skin and every piece of my history that allowed me to stand before you today. My black is beautiful. No matter your race get to know your history get to know more then what your friends post on FB. Please don’t be ignorant to who sacrificed so you could have so much today. Im sorry if you can’t comprehend but, I can only thank God for everything I have been given. I am more thankful I wasn’t born during the 1950’s. As a people we should take a step back a count our blessings and honor Dr.King #slavery #segregation #jimcrow #blackhistorymonth #drking #ihaveadream #remember #neverforget #sacrifice #jan21 #fortriley #kansas #morethanadream #reverence

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